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Instructions on how to replace the radiator on the Ford Explorer

How to replace the radiator on the Ford Explorer - The Ford Explorer is easily one of the most popular SUV in the 1990s. Built on the same structure as the popular Ford Ranger truck, line Explorer is a robust and reliable vehicle. If you discover a broken radiator in your Explorer, you can replace yourself and prolong the life of your car.

Things You’ll Need
New radiator
Old coolant container
Pipe Wrench Set
Ford Disconnect tools or wrenches crescent
Rinse treatment

Installation Instructions

Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent damage to the electrical parts. Open the drain valve at the bottom rear of the radiator, remove the radiator cap and pull the liquid into another container. Remove the radiator overflow tube and coolant recovery bottle.

Loosen the cover screws with a socket wrench 10 mm and the position on the fan out of the way. For a 5.0-liter engine in a 1991 Explorer and 2001, also disconnect the wires from the electric fan and remove the radiator cover. For a 4.6-liter SOHC engine, remove the A / C pipe retaining clips at the top of the radiator.

Use a tool specific vehicle model disconnection to eliminate refrigerant lines in an automatic transmission of the transmission. You can use two crescent wrenches as a substitute disconnect tool, but be careful not to bend the lines.

Remove the four screws holding the radiator in place with a socket wrench of 10 mm. Place a piece of cardboard on the side opposite the motor radiator is removed as to prevent damage to engine components.

Crawl under your Explorer and have the cooling fan out for 2002 and newer models. Again, you need some specific tools Ford off to do this. Remove the fan screws and cover, followed by the 4 pins radiator. Also remove the A / C condenser brackets near the rear of the radiator and the cable A / C condenser in place to prevent damage.

Remove the radiator from the engine compartment. Models manufactured between 1991 and 2001 allows you to take out the radiator itself. For a 2002 or newer model, pull the radiator, rest on the wall of the engine compartment, and separate the A / C condenser radiator.

Install the new radiator in the engine compartment. Once you have supported him in his place, reconnect all components in reverse order. Use a color treatment, then replace the coolant. Start the car and let the car empty, with the heater on and remove the radiator cap until it reaches normal operating temperature. Top off your coolant as needed.

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Easy methods to Take away an E46 Radiator

How to Remove an E46 Radiator Easy methods to Take away an E46 Radiator

How to Remove an E46 Radiator – When the radiator of your BMW E46 starts to leak will have to be replaced. If you don’t want to take the automobile to a restore shop, you’ll be able to complete the task yourself. This can require that you simply get the precise instruments wanted to finish the task. Nonetheless, you also needs to be conversant in the engine compartment, so you’ll be able to find the various elements of the radiator.

Issues You’ll Want
Crescent wrench
Torx driver
Send to Telephone


Pull the hood launch lever from inside the vehicle. Open the hood and set the help bar.

Discover the two screws used to attach the air filter box. Take away the screws using the wrench. Open the clamp to the air manifold. Pull the air filter box out and then disconnect the electrical plug. Set the air filter housing on one side.

Search and take away the pin used to safe the fan. Flip the bolt clockwise or clockwise with the socket wrench or a wrench to remove. Remove the fan and fan shroud.

Find the growth tank for the radiator. Disconnect the electrical connector is on the underside and then take away the screws holding the tank. Remove the tank to remove it, after which set it aside.

Disconnect the decrease radiator hose. That water which is positioned in the drain hose to the outside.

Press the quick-disconnect plug on the transmission cooler after which pull up and out. Let’s grasp the hoses connected. That different refrigerant in the refrigerator to empty out.

Take away the torx screws which might be on the left and right sides of the radiator with the Torx screwdriver. Push the highest of the radiator forward and then carry to carry it out.

Suggestions & Warnings

Drain the coolant before trying to take the radiator out. Drain coolant right into a bucket or a plastic container.


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