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2003 Honda S2000 Black Chrome Emblem Kit Installation Manual

Honda S2000 Repair Guide — For Honda S2000 users ever have experienced damage to the Black Chrome Emblem Kit. well on this occasion udugs blog would like to share information about the installation of Black Chrome Emblem Kit in the Honda S2000. The following easy ways that you can do yourself.

Black Chrome Emblem Kit Installation

To stop injury to the entrance bumper, observe masking tape along the 4 edges of the prevailing emblem.

Using a bit of string, loosen the logo by means of chopping by manner of the adhesive backing. Transfer the string in the directions proven to chop the symbol free.

Open the hood, and locate the two pins extending from the “H” emblem. Attain behind the entrance bumper, squeeze the retaining tabs on the pins, and remove the emblem.

Using isopropyl alcohol on a store towel, clear the space where the logo used to be removed.

Take away the adhesive backing from the new “H” brand, and attach it to the entrance bumper via aligning the locating pins with the holes in the front bumper. Press the emblem firmly against the entrance bumper with the palm of your hand for approximately 30 seconds.

Connect the emblem with the rush nuts. To prevent harm to the physique finish, apply overlaying tape around the current “S2000” emblems. Utilizing a chunk of string, take away the emblems.

Using isopropyl alcohol on a store towel, clean the space where the emblems have been removed.

Remove the adhesive backings from the logo new “S2000” trademarks, and set up them on the car so they line up with the protecting tape. Using the palm or your hand, practice pressure to the emblems for about 30 seconds. get pdf file to complete instructions

Tools necessary to install Black Chrome Emblem Kit

Isopropyl alcohol, Shop towel, Long-nose pliers, Masking tape, and String