How to Install Trailer Hitch in 2006 Honda Ridgeline

How to Install Trailer Hitch in 2006 Honda RidgelineTrailer Hitch installation on Honda Ridgeline in 2006 that you can take as long as an expert. If you feel do not understand for the installation you have to go to a repair shop that has the expertise in this field. if you want to try it yourself please read the instructions of udugs.

Installation Instructions

  • Be sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the radio station presets.
  • Disconnect the adverse cable from the battery.

Installing the Control unit

  • Remove the left dashboard side cowl (seven clips).
  • Remove the driver’s dashboard decrease cover: Remove the one self-tapping screw. Launch the nine clips, and pull out the driver’s dashboard lower cover. Unplug the car connectors, and remove the automobile tube. Take away the decrease cover.
  • Install the control unit into the unit bracket. Don’t push towards the connector area.
  • Get the control unit harness and one relay. Set up the relay into the management unit harness relay block.
  • Plug the management unit harness 12-pin connector into the management unit.
  • Push the connector clip from the control unit harness into the sq. gap in the unit bracket.
  • On the correct aspect of the steering shaft, locate the automobile 10-pin connector blue-taped to the automobile harness, and remove the blue-tape to free the connector.
  • Plug the vehicle 10-pin connector into the management unit harness 10-pin connctor. Under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car, set up the unit bracket to the car body with one 6 x 16 mm flange bolt.
  • Set up the relay block from the control unit harness to the unit bracket.

Attaching the Relay

  • Using a flat-tip screwdriver by way of the opening within the facet of the dashboard, take away the automobile relay block. Install the relay into the car relay block, and reinstall the automobile relay block.

Securing the Car 10-Pin Connector

  • Underneath the rear bumper on the left aspect, find the car 10-pin connector inexperienced-taped to the automobile harness. Remove the inexperienced-tape to free the connector. Measure the top of the harness and fasten one wire tie with clip to the automobile harness.
  • Push the wire tie with clip into the outlet within the automobile frame.

Installing the Trailer Hitch
notice : Allow the exhaust pipe to chill down before you
remove the exhaust cover.

  • Decrease the muffler by eradicating the 2 rubber exhaust hangers. Remove the four bolts, and slide the exhaust cover across the muffler to permit entry to the trailer hitch mounting holes. With the help of an assistant, place the trailer hitch underneath the vehicle, and set up six 12 x forty mm bolts with six 12 mm plain washers and 6 12 mm lock washers.
  • Install two 10 x 36 mm bolts with two 10 mm plain washers and two 10 mm lock washers to secure the center of the trailer hitch. First torque the 12 x 40 mm bolts to eighty N·m (59 lbf·ft), then torque the ten x 36 mm bolts to forty six N·m (34 lbf·ft).
  • Slide the ball mount into the trailer hitch. Align the holes in the trailer hitch with the holes within the ball mount, then insert the hitch pin into the hole. Secure the hitch pin with the hitch pin clip.

Putting in the Socket

  • Set up the 10-pin socket to the socket bracket with two 6 x 16 mm flange bolts. Remove the quilt from the 4-pin socket, and install the 4-pin socket to the socket bracket with two 6 x 35 mm flange bolts and two 6 mm flange nuts. Reattach the cover.
  • Route the harness from the socket via the opening in the trailer hitch, and set up the socket bracket to the trailer hitch with two 6 x sixteen mm flange bolts. Remove the dummy connector from the car 10-pin connector, and plug the socket 10-pin connector into the car 10-pin connector. Set up the connector clip into the car 10-pin connector, then push the connector clip and the socket harness clip into the holes within the physique panel.

Putting in the Fuses

  • Below the hood, remove the sub fuse field upper cover. Set up the three 20A fuses and one 7.5 A fuse into the slots within the sub fuse box. Install the sub fuse box upper cover from the kit. Test that every one wire harnesses are routed properly and all connectors are plugged in. Reinstall all removed parts. Examine that every one clips and fasteners are installed securely.
  • Reconnect the unfavorable cable to the battery. Reset the clock, and reset the radio station presets. Examine the operation of the trailer harness based on the Proprietor’s Handbook supplied. note : At any time when the battery is disconnected, the driver’s window auto function is disabled.
  • Start the engine. Push down on the motive force’s window swap until the window is fully open. Pull up on the driver’s window swap absolutely to close the window utterly, then maintain the switch for 2 seconds or more.

Thank you for following this article. I am so glad you have read the article from udugs and I would be very happy if you have succeeded with the instructions above. I hope you are successful with these instructions.

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