Replacement of rear shocks on a Ford Escape

How to replace rear shocks on a Ford Escape Replacement of rear shocks on a Ford Escape

How to replace rear shocks on a Ford Escape – Replacing the shocks on the Ford Escape is a quick and easy process. The shocks are small and are held by two screws. You remove one on top and one on the bottom. If replacing the buffers due to worn or upgrade your suspension system, the process can only have only one and a half and mounted as a new Ford. Always buy the right size according to your specific vehicle. Your local parts store can help you select the right parts.

Things You’ll Need
Tire removal tool
Box spanner
Socket set

Replacement Instructions

  • Raise the rear of the truck to access the rear suspension. Locate the rear cushion behind the rear wheel. Jack’s truck back to ensure that both sides are evenly jacked.
  • Remove the rear wheels. This step is optional. You can prevent the rear wheels, but you will have more space to the vehicle’s wheels.
  • Locate the rear shock on the driver. Eliminate the impact of removing the top screw with a socket wrench.
  • Remove the bottom bolt with a socket wrench. Push up on the end of the bolt out of the shock mount.
  • Place the washer and bushing on the end of the shock bolt. Make sure the hub is the last item placed on the bolt.
  • Place the lower end of the discharge into the mounting bracket on the truck. Put another cap and the washer on the other end of the support. Cap bolt with a nut. Secure the nut on the thread, but do not tighten yet.
  • Slide the top of the shock to the mounting bracket on top. Ensure that both bushings are deposited on both sides of the discharge. Run the bolt through the aligned holes and secure it with a nut. Tighten until snug. Tighten the lower end of the download.
  • Repeat these steps for the passenger side of the truck. Install the wheels and under-body shooting.
  • Test drive to test the suspension system. Travel must be soft.

Tips and Warnings

Note that the hardware to remove the shocks. The new hardware is in the same way as the old hardware removed.

Use extreme caution when working under a vehicle. Make sure the front wheels chocked to prevent rolling. Make sure you are on a flat surface.

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