1995 Ford Contour ES Thermostat Replacement Instructions

How to Replace the Thermostat on a 1995 Ford Contour ES 1995 Ford Contour ES Thermostat Replacement Instructions

How to Replace the Thermostat on a 1995 Ford Contour ES – The 1995 Ford Contour is coming with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder or a 2.5-liter V – 6 engine. Both engines use a thermostat to 195 degrees. The thermostat is a temperature-activated device installed in the flow path of the engine coolant. It is designed to interrupt the flow of coolant when the engine is cold then, causing the coolant in the engine to accelerate heating time. The faster the engine warms up, the faster it becomes more efficient and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Things You’ll Need
Socket set of
1 gallon of antifreeze
2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine

Installation Instructions

  • Remove the air intake duct, using a screwdriver. Locate the thermostat housing along the upper radiator hose to the engine – is attached to the casing, which is located on the front passenger side of the motor.
  • Remove the hose located in the upper part of the thermostat housing, which is the coolant return hose, using a screwdriver or tongs (depending on type of clamp) to loosen the clamp. Pull the hose.
  • Loosen the top clamp general radiator hose in housing, using tweezers or a screwdriver (depending on the type of clamp) and pull the hose. There will be very little loss of coolant, because the hose is about the same height as the top of the radiator.
  • Remove the three screws on the thermostat housing, using a plug. Pull the thermostat housing with care. Remove the thermostat from the engine block.
  • Remove the new thermostat housing and install the rubber sealing ring around the outer diameter of the thermostat, if not already installed. Insert the tip of the long spring thermostat in the block and press down firmly to seat the rubber sealing ring in the groove.
  • Install the thermostat housing and tighten the three screws to 90 inch pounds. Install two hoses and tighten clamps. Install the intake air duct.
  • Fill the radiator with antifreeze. Not be long at this point, since the radiator was drained. Start the engine and allow the thermostat to open the engine reaches normal operating temperature. When this happens, the level of refrigerant is slightly reduced, at which point the radiator fill the rest of the way and installing the plug in the radiator.

2.5-liter V-6 engine

  • Disconnecting the terminals of the battery, starting with the negative terminal using a wrench. Loosen clamp securing the battery with a wrench and move aside. Remove the battery from the car. Remove the intake air duct.
  • Remove the clamp from the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing multiple consumption. Pull the hose. Remove the hose from the second home, too. Remove the two screws securing the frame of the block with a socket. Pull the housing out of the box, with care. Lift the thermostat out of the block.
  • Install new thermostat, making sure you have the new O-ring that comes with the thermostat installed. Install your long spring-first on the block and push it with some force to seat the O-ring. Install the housing and tighten the screws to 90 inch pounds.
  • Install two hoses and tighten clamps. Install the intake air duct. Install the battery and tighten the clamp holding battery. Install the two terminals of the battery, starting with the positive terminal, and tighten with a wrench.
  • Fill the radiator with antifreeze and start the engine. Not be long, because the radiator was drained. When the engine reaches operating temperature, the thermostat opens and the coolant level is reduced slightly. The coolant can be seen flowing through the cores. Add enough antifreeze to bring up to an inch of the top of the radiator, giving some space to expand, then replace the cover.

Tips and Warnings

Antifreeze is considered a biohazard and should be treated as such. How to get rid of it by pouring into a container such as milk jugs used. Take it to your auto parts store for disposal. Most all parts auto shops has a coolant container and oil in the back for that purpose.

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